The wave of schools that are changing their mascots from Native American references to things that don't correlate to an ethnicity has continued to grow over the years. Now, we're seeing the wave hit the Treasure Valley, and many are saying: Finally.

Boise High School has carried the "Braves" mascot for as long as I can remember-- and for much longer than I have even been alive. Since the 1920's, the Boise Braves have been in downtown Boise and now, the school's officials are seeking approval to change the mascot, perhaps before even this fall.

So what could the next mascot be? The Dragons? The Lizards? The Bumblebees? Well, nothing too cheesy and in fact, nothing that sounds too different.

Boise High School will be transitioning to simply, the "Brave", an adjective, to honor many of the values and principles that the school has taught and believed in for years. I actually think this is a great idea--it's familiar and honorable.

I don't know, however, how an adjective will workout as a sideline character...we'll have to see how they (and if they) make that work!

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