Idaho hockey fans have waited along time to see professionals skating on the ice in the state's capital city of Boise. That wait ends in October with a preseason matchup between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Arizona Coyotes.

Let me begin by saying I love hockey. With professional football and basketball turning too soft in recent years with the technological takeover of constant play reviews and stoppages, coddling, theatrics, egos, and insane salaries, hockey is the last, true tough sport. These professional athletes in today's world call all the shots, they play when they want to, and a twisted ankle or bone bruise means they are going to miss months of action. Not in hockey.

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Hockey players routinely get teeth knocked out, take pucks to the face at 100 miles per hour, receive major blows to the head, have eyes cut open, and entertain fans by punching one another in the face until the referee breaks it up. You don't get that type of physical sacrifice in any other sport in existence, and most NHL players are making a fraction of what basketball and football players make.

The Arizona Coyotes finished the 2021-22 season dead last in the Western Conference, while the Vegas Golden Knights once again had a terrific season. The two teams will play each other at the Idaho Central Arena on October 8. Tickets go on sale August 10.

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