For those who love anything local Boise is the place to be. Boise is home to tons of locally owned restaurants, shops, and dessert places each unique and delicious. All of the locally owned places are a highlight of living in Boise especially considering you’re supporting local businesses and are never disappointed.

One local restaurant recently got a new menu and locals everywhere are rushing to try every new item they have. Zen Baja in Boise serves delicious Asian and Latin-inspired meals. They have everything from bowls and tacos to sushi that never disappoints.

Zen Baja

A great local restaurant.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Recently, they expanded their taco menu and added the El Gordo monster taco which weighs over one pound and has a cheesy ghost pepper tortilla. Everyone is obsessing over the monster taco and it has been a huge hit!



Their menu also features a variety of smaller portions including pork potstickers, street corn, Santa Fe egg rolls, smothered taquitos, chips and salsa, chicken quesadilla, shredded beef quesadilla, miso soup, and poblano soup.

They have a bunch of different bowls including a teriyaki chicken bowl, southwest steak bowl, island carnitas bowl, ahi poke bowl, udon noodle bowl, and a chili lime shrimp bowl.

Their sushi rolls include a California roll, crunchy shrimp roll, tropical heat roll, avocado roll, and a spicy tuna roll.

Their tacos include mango shrimp tacos, Asian beef tacos, carne asada tacos, baja fish tacos, carnitas tacos, and a vampire chicken taco.

And if you’re still not convinced there is something for you they have a lot of sweet treats too including mini churros and deep-fried cheesecake.

Zen Baja is the definition of there’s something for everyone. So no matter who you’re with you will be sure to find something on the menu that everyone will like!

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