If you haven't read up on the latest controversy surrounding national country recording artist Jason Aldean, spend just a few moments on your favorite social media platform of choice to get caught up.

In short, outraged listeners are accusing Aldean's latest song "Try That In A Small Town" as racist, or even perpetuating hate. We'll late you decide how you feel about the song.

How are folks in the City of Trees feeling about Aldean's antics? Well, it's kind of all over the place.

Some Boisians are angry at Aldean for being "tone deaf" and not considering what kind of message his video is sending.

Others vehemently deny that Aldean did anything wrong, and are more-so outraged at other peoples' outrage more than anything else.

The vast majority? We are tired, we want a nap, and we don't have any energy left to be angry about anything else this week.

Seriously, how do people do it? Every single time you stumble upon something you don't like, you have to angrily type it out in a rambling Facebook status? Or a post on Threads about how you're boycotting a new thing this week? It just seems exhausting, and like a heck of a lot of work.

If you need us, we'll be over here enjoying things we actually enjoy. Scrolling past stuff you don't like is the absolute move in 2023.


A celebrity that's currently in Boise's good graces? Our guy Burt! He stopped by and it was an absolute love-fest:

Bert Kreischer Visits Boise on Comedy Tour

Many say he's 'vulgar' and 'offensive'-- others say it's all a part of the act. Needless to say, Bert's fans were very happy to see him in Boise over the weekend!


Burt isn't the only celeb to show lots of love for the City of Trees as of late:

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