This year is absolutely flying by, and somehow we're almost halfway through 2024 already. I know. It feels weird typing that.

And with us being almost halfway through the year, that means Pride Month is almost here!

If you're not sure how to "celebrate"  or "take part" in Pride Month here in Idaho, but you want to make sure you're doing and saying the correct things, we're going to try and help you out.

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This writer isn't going to claim to be an expert on how to treat members of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I will say this: I very much consider myself an ally, and there's one thing I know to be true with all people:

Lead with kindness.

That's it. Sure, it sounds simple, but it makes every single interaction with someone who's different from you a much easier process.

Not sure how someone identifies or how they'd like to be addressed? Just ask.

Unsure what you can do to be a better friend/ally to someone? Just ask.

Maybe you're a member of the community, and aren't positive on how to get involved with Pride? Just ask.

Seriously. We can make so much progress and get so far with each other if we just...simply ask about things we're not 100% sure about. Instead of just assuming we know what's the "right thing to do," or how someone would like to be treated, addressed, or spoken to, let's just make life easier on everyone and just...ask.

Happy early Pride :)


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