We've got some pretty stellar coffee options here in Boise, and while we aren't the "best" coffee city in the country, we're among the coffee elite!

Wallethub released their 2021 study of the best coffee cities in America and it should come as no surprise that the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest in general, do pretty well. Portland took the number one spot, San Francisco took the number two and believe it or not, Seattle was the third best coffee city for 2021. So what's it all based on? Well, a variety of factors: average price per pack of coffee, average price for a cappuccino, average spending per household, share of adult coffee drinkers, share of households that actually own coffee makers, number of coffee shops per capita, number of coffee shops with free wifi, number of donut shops, etc. I mean you get the idea... A lot of different factors went into organizing the 100 most populated cities in the country based on how coffee friendly they are.

So where on the list is Boise, Idaho? Home of Black Rock Coffee, Dawson Taylor, an abundance of Starbucks and Human Beans, Dutch Bros, Flying M, and many many more... Well, we're number 31 out of 100. So, not the best, not even top 20, but we're certainly not the least. We've got plenty of cool vibey coffee shops with wifi and the whole bit. Who's the worst? Well, that title belongs to our friends in Detroit, Michigan. And by the way, I've heard it's pretty cold there... They could probably use some coffee!

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