We adore living in Boise. No matter how many potato jokes we hear, the City of Trees is a great place to live. That's hard to argue.

While you might hear a few internet rumblings about Californians moving in and driving up the cost of living, or the hot, hot, hot summes, but we still think Boise is such a fun place to live and raise a family.

But, is Boise as cool as it once was? Let's take a look at the facts and find out.


Back in 1880, the average temperature in Boise, Idaho was around 1.7° lower than it is currently in the year 2023. In fact, experts predict by the year 2050, we'll see another increase in temperature...permanently.

Does this mean Boise isn't cool anymore? Well, technically, it is slightly warmer due to climate change, which does mean that Boise is not quite as cool as it used to be.

That being said, is Boise a hip place to live? Like, is it "cool man?" Yes, yes it is! Gorgeous views, incredibly friendly people, some of the best food on the planet, and an infinite amount of outdoor activities to partake in. We absolutely love Boise, Idaho. Even if it isn't quite as cool as it used to be.


You know what would make Boise even cooler? Er...hotter? Imagine if they legalized marijuana here. Wouldn't that be great (unless you're opposed to that, in which case, sorry?). Until then, here's a few places you can legally smoke the good stuff in the city of Boise, Idaho.

Four Places Where You Can Smoke Weed Legally In Boise

Looking to get loose? Trying to light up some sticky icky? Here's four places in the City of Trees to do it!

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