The last few years have been a challenge for those who've chosen the profession of law enforcement. The Covid Pandemic presented unprecedented challenges to police officers and first responders.

Let's now forget the summer of protest in big cities like Portland and Seattle that saw law enforcement attacked for keeping the peace. Lawmakers across the country embraced the concept of defunding the police.

Boise, Idaho, was not immune to such nonsense as the group Black Lives Matter started a petition to defund the Boise Police Department. You can read their reasons for defunding the police here.  Fortunately, Mayor McLean increased the funding for the Boise Police department, although anti-police activists criticized her move.  

CNN reports that Minneapolis, Minnesota, will vote next week to defund the police. Liberal politicians like 'the squad' lobby to eliminate the police while hiring private security to protect them. What happens to cities that defund or reduce police presence?  

The Maclver Institute reflects a recent report from the FBI.  "Aggravated assaults in America rose by an estimated 12.4 percent, while the murder rate increased by a staggering 29.4 percent—the single largest year-over-year increase on record."  Crime rates are rising across the country and especially violent crime. In Idaho, where more people conceal and carry their firearms, we haven't seen the rising crime rates that other cities across the country are experiencing.

Idahoans support law enforcement. Whether it's the annual 'Back the Blue Idaho event or other gatherings, Idahoans have a healthy respect for those who protect and serve. An officer was injured Monday in the line of duty. Thankfully he has been released from the hospital. Can you imagine what would happen if we didn't have a dedicated police force to answer our calls when we're at our worst?  

The Boise Mall shooting is a wake-up call to all of us that we should never take for granted the outstanding men and women of law enforcement who daily make a difference in all of our lives. Thank You!

Boise Reacts to Mall Shooting

An unheard of incident for Boise, Idaho took place at the Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 25th.

Back The Blue in Caldwell

Boise's Most Wanted

Yes, even here in the Treasure Valley where crime isn't so rampant, there is a most wanted list. According to the Southwest Idaho Crime Stoppers, these are the most wanted of them all. So many of these mugshots are from Ada and Canyon Counties. Do you recognize anyone?

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