I wish there could be words to describe how I feel about all the tragic news surrounding our children. April is child abuse prevention month and the awareness couldn't be more important.

A man in Boise is currently in custody right now for trying to have a 7-year-old girl killed. Byron Ely has been charged and most recently charged in another case for lewd conduct under the age of 16.

This story is truly disturbing and that's why I'm not a police officer or detective. I'm sure it's extremely difficult to report on these cases like the team at KTVB.  You can follow this case below. Two more sentencing dates have been set for lewd conduct and criminal solicitation.

This case might have a different outcome if the person Byron tried to hire hadn't contacted the Boise Police Department. Luckily, that person coming forward led to an arrest. See the rest of the story on KTVB's website.

This is also a great opportunity to remind ourselves that we live around people that could harm our children. Idaho is a beautiful state and I can't think of a place I'd rather be living right now. That doesn't mean bad things don't happen. Boise is growing and so are the surrounding areas like the continued growth in Meridan. Things are changing.

I pray that these children have the support they deserve and that someone lets them know it wasn't their fault. It's such an important piece of what happens next. We have kids, nieces, and nephews all around these ages.

Don't think you'll teach them the stranger danger and good touch/bad touch as they get older. Start now. The youngest was only 3 years old in this case.

If you know someone that needs help please stand up for them. Call someone right now.


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