The return of college football a little over a week away!  Can't wait till BSU takes on Louisiana Lafayette? These incredible Lego animations may hold you over!

According to KTVB, a 38-year-old Boise man used the children's toy to recreate some of the most memorable moments of the 2015 college football season.  Jared Jacobs, spent 30 hours making the stop animation video of Eagle grad Tanner Mangum's 42-yard pass that lifted BYU to a victory over Nebraska on the road with no time on the clock.

The Big Ten Network even reached out to Jacobs to see if he could do a similar video of Michigan's blown punt against Michigan State.  That play resulted in the Spartans running it all the way in for the game winning TD.  BTN loved his work and is having him re-create other scenes from around the conference for their September 24th pregame show.

The videos are incredible! Check them out! We only wish that Jacobs had done one of Boise State's famous "Statue of Liberty" play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl!

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