Thinking of participating in the protests and demonstrations planned for downtown Boise tomorrow afternoon? Mayor of Boise Lauren McLean has issued a warning to the community of these exact gatherings.

You may recall a few weeks ago, tension was high in front of Boise's City Hall as protestors and counter-protestors gathered.  A few minor altercations too place, some physical, and the Boise Police Department even used social media video footage to search for a few counter-protestors that went a little too far, assaulting others.

Our freedom of speech is a beautiful thing...when we're responsible and respectful. Whatever is planned for tomorrow afternoon seems to have the City of Boise a little concerned and extra cautious.

Boise Police have shared that they will be present and prepared for any altercations. Now, Mayor Lauren McLean has spoken up and asked the public to avoid the protests in fear they may turn violent. McLean points to some "outside forces" not even from the city that want to come into town and elevate tensions.

Mclean made the statement via her regular update videos on YouTube and was sent out via social media platforms. You can view the video statement from her, below:

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