Ladies and Gentlemen of the Treasure Valley, festival goers, Beliebers, Little Monsters, Katy Cats and everyone else. The Boise Music Festival just locked in one of the biggest artists its history.

BMF celebrates the 10th anniversary this Summer with a party that will be Krazy! Keke and Kat in the morning will unveil the 2019 lineup for BMF Monday, March 18, 2019, at 7:05 A.M. Tap the new Kiss App for extra Kissclusives all week and you might even get the gossip before anyone else.

The Boise Music Festival is back! Last year I missed our big show because my wife was in the hospital. This was the first BMF I had ever missed. That broke my heart not being able to be a part of something we all built but there wasn't much I could do, life happens.

This year marks the 10th anniversary and a lineup that assures us will be one of the best ever. I've seen the target list for the sure that also included the top pick confirmed. I can't give you any hints yet but this year's big party will be the time of our lives 🔥I won't miss this one.

How to win tickets

There will be a ticket increase that proceeds the announcement of the first acts. I've been telling people that if they announce a big act that you can expect a ticket increase. Passes for BMF are currently $25 and would potentially move to $30 or even $35 dollars. Several of the Pit and Coolzone packages would probably see increases too.

You can win your tickets with Keke and Kat all week at 6:10 A.M. and 8:10 A.M. that also puts you on the upgrade list to see Dan + Shay SOLD-OUT with Meet/Greet passes. This is kicked off and will end on Monday, March 18, 2019.

Hints and Clues

This will be the 10th Anniversary party with several upgrades and you can expect surprises. BMF will rollout new packages and incentives for fans. This will also be one of the most diverse lineups in Boise Music Festival history. Once the headliner is announced on Monday we will see the most excitement for this event in the 10-year history. What a way to celebrate!

Things you can do to win and find who is playing before anyone else.


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