The Boise Music Festival is just a few weeks away and I just got word on a Monday ticket price jump. That only gives you a few days to save some










the Boise Music Festival is almost here! Do you have your tickets? Plan on winning them and procrastinating to buy your own pair? I wanted to give you a heads up that ticket prices will go up starting Monday. You can expect a five dollar increase to attend the June 24 outdoor music festival. I don't know about you but every dollar counts. There is nothing worse than spending money for something and finding out days later that my friend got the same thing for a better price!

The tickets are currently $29 and you can expect those to hover around $35. The price is still under what you would pay to see Flo Rida, The Band Perry, or Sean Kingston anywhere is. The $35 dollars will still be extremely worth it

Get your tickets HERE.