The Treasure Valley continues to grow and many believe that with this growth will come increased crime. Boise, for as long as we've existed, as been a "small", community oriented city. Since the boom began about a decade or two ago, however, an unprecedented amount of people have moved to Boise that otherwise have no tie to the area--they've just heard it's great!

While we have no idea if the men that were arrested by Boise Police this week are from the area or not--many are simply just thankful that law enforcement preformed this creepy sting operation.

A large scale investigation took place over the weekend that included the Boise Police Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Ada County Sheriff's Office, and more--that brought 8 men into custody for sexual enticement and exploitation of children.

Here's a look at 5 of the 8 arrests made by local authorities

Inside Boise Police's Sting Operation

This is not the news that we expected to see in Boise this week--we're very thankful for our law enforcement.

Because 3 of the 8 were taken into federal custody instead of the Ada County Jail--those mugshots were not readily available. 

These suspects were using social media accounts and platforms to contact individuals that they believed to be minors--and were planning meet-ups with them for sexual activity.

Authorities put a stop to this--but that doesn't mean that there aren't more predators out there. Police want to use this sting operation as a reminder to predators that they are indeed looking for this activity around the clock. Police also want parents to see this as a reminder that all online activity should be monitored by parents--vigilantly.

Find resources for child internet safety, HERE.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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