When I was living in Washington, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office had a massive helicopter they would use from time to time to track down criminals. You could always hear it in the air when they were out using it and it had a HUGE spotlight on it--you would feel like you were in a movie when that chopper was on the prowl. In fact, I even remember one time they used it to break up a house party on campus!

While the Boise Police Department doesn't have a helicopter to fly around town--they're about to have more of a presence in the air with the addition of 4 new drones. The department has recently purchased these drones and achieved FAA certified pilot status for its pilots to keep the Treasure Valley safe.

No, these drones won't be monitoring your speeding or your backyard...these aren't the operations BPD is worried about. The department says they want these drones to aid in rescue operations, standoff scenarios, and moments where they need to get their eyes on something that is just too difficult or dangerous for an officer on foot to see.

Certainly, these drones will be advantageous to keeping all of of safe and a shout out to BPD for taking the extra steps!

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