Can we get a "hip hip hooray" for this big announcement!? The City of Boise has announced that city-run pools will finally open up this Friday--yep, that's tomorrow.

Even though we've been going through a roller coaster of emotions with mother nature lately, I guess this means summer is FINALLY here. Nothing beats having access to a pool on those hot summer days and seeing this announcement has me totally wishing I was a kid again.

One great aspect of using the City of Boise's pools is that parents can rest easy-- all are staffed with certified lifeguards. On top of that, affordability is key, with just $2-$4 getting your kids into the fun!

If your kids are interested in swimming lessons (despite taking these as a kid I STILL can't joke), these are offered and more info can be found while you're at the pool!

According to Idaho's News Channel 7, Nampa pools are set to open Saturday and Meridian pools will be opening Friday--alongside Boise.

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