Nothing is normal about this year. Literally, nothing. Earthquakes? We've had them. Global Pandemic? We're living through one. Human gatherings? Not allowed. In moments of total change and uncertainty, it's the "constants" in life that can make is really excited.

I'm glad to be sharing that a "constant" for 103.5 KISS FM will be happening this weekend.

So far this year, we've had to cancel our beloved Boise Music Festival. We called off Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. Every concert tour imaginable was canceled. Oh, and our own Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival--one of the city's most photographed events was also canceled. A summer staple for us, Boise Pride Festival, is on and poppin'.

The largest parade to roll through downtown Boise won't be. Nor will the live entertainment and festival in front of the Idaho State Capitol Building. The iconic lights that shine onto that capitol building that stand for love and acceptance, however? Those will shine on.

No rally or gathering will be held, but Boise Pride is not letting the festival "go dark".  You may recall last year, hundreds if not thousands of donors made it possible to get some REALLY strong lights that would reach the capitol from far enough away, as the folks in charge of the building no longer allowed Boise Pride (or any other organization for that matter) to light up the capitol. They didn't go dark then. They aren't going dark now.

Thursday night, September 10th through Sunday night, September 13th, the Idaho State Capitol building will be lit up!  Organizers are inviting everyone to drive by to check it out and take a photo to share! It will be nice to see this, despite the lack of an in-person event.


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