You may have heard just a few weeks ago that Boise Pride Festival wasn't going to be able to light up the capitol building this year. The news, which was circling since the end of last years pride, became a reality and the organization knew something needed to be done. In short--something was done and it took a village.  That village--our community--has come together to light the building as done in years past and the news is really seeing positive reaction in town and online.

Boise Pride Fest put together a GoFundMe page after a huge reaction from community members called for action steps once it became public knowledge that the Department of Administration would no longer allow lights to be projected on the capitol. This new policy, or ban if you will, blankets all organizations and causes. In just five days and after just over 200 donations, the lofty goal of $7,500 was met. The huge accomplishment will enable Boise Pride Fest to set up some powerful, long distance, illuminating lights to shed colors on the Idaho State Capitol. This has all been a real example of love and community coming to life.


Boise Pride wrote on their Facebook page:

As always, 103.5 KISS FM is HONORED to be a a part of the festival and cause this year which happens next weekend, June 14th and 15th.  More info on Boise Pride, HERE.

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