This is something you and your furry friend can wag your tail at. Boise Idaho ranks #1 in the nation for dog parks.

Idaho’s capital city was top dog in a 100-city ranking of dog parks by The Trust for Public Land’s Center for City Park Excellence.

Boise doesn't have the most dog parks of any city in the country (that would be New York,) but it does have the most per capita. Boise is home to 13 dog parks or areas that offer off-leash options. The statesmen report says that there are even more dog parks on the way- "the 5.5-acre section of Ann Morrison Park known as Duck Island is going to be transformed into Dog Island, parks officials announced in February."

Just another reason live in the Treasure Valley is awesome!

Lucky's Top Rated Dog Parks In Boise:

  • Redwood Park
  • Sunset Park
  • Morris Hill Park
  • Pine Grove Park

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