One of my quickest realizations in visiting and moving to Boise was how easy, effortless and empty the Boise Airport was. The three E's you want in an airport. So to really understand how big of an impact that made on me deciding to move here, you've got to understand my history of disastrous travel.

I'm habitually 7 minutes late to everything I do. I really try to be on time, but I'm too busy and agree to too many things to get to much of anything on time. Seven minutes isn't terrible. I mean, it could be way way worse. But my habitual lateness spills over in a major way when it comes to flying. I just cannot stand getting to the airport too early and typically have 329 things to do in the couple hours prior to a flight, including work, packing, laundry, getting my cats set up for a weekend alone, finding the perfect jacket for wherever I'm headed and trying on 17 different black rip jeans/black top combos before deciding on the first one I tried.

Then you throw in ordering an Uber who will be there in 4 minutes and then deciding to chug a cider from the fridge before getting scooped by the driver.. it's typically a stressful half hour prior to rushing into said Uber and telling my driver "can you just drop me right at security? My flight takes off in 27 minutes so I have to be to the gate in 17!"

Yes, I really love getting to the airport with less than a half hour before takeoff. It's my thing. And I've only missed 2 flights total in my life out of over 100. So my odds have been pretty decent thus far.

Now that we've established I'm a hectic flyer, imagine how excited I was when I realized I can live in Boise and travel like this on the regular because there's NEVER ANY LINE AT THE BOISE AIRPORT! EVER! I've never spent more than 4 minutes getting through security, and I've flown on Thanksgiving Eve, the busiest travel day of the year. It was a breeze.

InsureMyTrip ranked 75 US airports based on cancellation rates. And guess where Boise ranked? Way at the bottom. #74, so 2nd best on the list. And only second to neighboring SLC and slightly better than SeaTac. So our region is doing pretty well overall when it comes to cancelled flights.

Peep the full list here and just know: we've got one of the easiest airports to fly through! I'll be arriving at BOI 23 minutes prior to takeoff tomorrow morning and for that, I'm grateful.

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