It's a mixture of pride in my city of Boise and my alma mater of Bishop Kelly that I'm totally geeking out over a tweet I saw today. A local celebrity and world-renowned runner has broken a world record and it's a little bit crazy, a lot-a-bit awesome.

I'm sure the name Nick Symmonds rings a bell. The Boise native, Bishop Kelly graduate, and former Olympic athlete has over the years been all over both local and national television. In fact, I recall getting out of class during my years at Bishop Kelly to run down into another room as we all cheered him on! The two-time Olympian is still active in the running world despite retirement from the professional world--often advocating for better pay of Olympic athletes and heavily promoting his own product, Run Gum (a caffeinated gum that boosts your energy)!

Well, Symmonds is hardly keeping still and laying low these fact he just broke a world record!

You can dribble a basketball, right?

You could jog 4 laps around a track...yeah?

How fast could you do both of those things, simultaneously?

The World Record for the fastest mile while dribbling a basketball is 6 minutes and 6 seconds. Boise's own Nick Symmonds has ran a mile significantly faster than that-- just not while dribbling.

Spoiler alert: he broke the record with a time of 5 minutes and 29 seconds.

Check out the video for yourself, below!

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