In my best DJ Khaled voice...

"Anotha' one!"

That's right, Boise State Men's Basketball head coach Leon Rice is back at it with the deals, Bronco Nation. Let's not be quick to forget what he did to get a sellout against San Diego State-- a tough Mountain West Conference foe. For a sellout, he said, he would walk across the cold Boise River.

He certainly did it and dropped one of the most iconic quotes of all time as he stepped foot into the river: "Son of a nutcracker that's cold!" See the video for yourself, HERE.

With a tough UNLV team coming into Taco Bell Arena this Saturday night (tipoff is at 6:00 p.m.), Coach Rice is up for another challenge. Bronco Nation-- if you sell out Taco Bell Arena this Saturday, he's prepared to..well...check out this video for yourself, below:


Oh, and buy your tickets, HERE.

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