Buckle up, Boise State fans-- this basketball season is still going, will only get more interesting, and well...maybe you should take a chill-pill, too.

ALL of us in Boise followed closely the season that Boise State's basketball program had and while they didn't make it into the March Madness tournament, they did still hang on to have a solid year. The team finished up the season with a pretty decent record of 14-6 and only suffered one loss ALL SEASON LONG at home. The team, who was projected to be much worse in the Mountain West Conference actually came in fourth and at one point in the season was just on the brink of cracking into the Top 25 rankings.

But even will all of the success this year-- fans are LOUDLY calling for the dismissal of head coach Leon Rice. Are Boise State fans too used to winning? Is the success (or lack thereof, lately) from the football program raising expectations too high for the basketball program?

Here is the honest reality, Boise State doesn't invest nearly as much into the basketball program--or ANY other sport (including the women's team, who historically does better than the men) as they do into football.  That said, fans might have unrealistic expectations from a team that lacks the amount of resources that go into the blue turf. Leon Rice came to Boise State from a prestigious Gonzaga program and as home are noting, he is even on the shortlist for several large profile jobs because of the respect for him in the basketball world:


I, for one, will be rooting for the Broncos this week as they take on 1-seed Memphis at 7:00 p.m. this Thursday night, March 25th.

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