In case you didn't know, Boise State Basketball is onto something great this year. The men's team has been flirting with being ranked in the Top 25 for most of the season, they have only 4-losses on the year, Head Coach Leon Rice has continued to break total win records for his career at the university, and now-- we can watch them play.

Being a member of the Mountain West Conference and honestly not a huge name in the basketball world, this team hasn't had much exposure and unless you've got a TV package that carries all of the bells and whistles, you probably haven't seen them on your TV screen at all.

The Broncos have four games remaining on the season and to be honest, all four of them are the biggest of the year. Two will be against Utah State University and two will be against the now ranked Aztecs of San Diego State University.

The good news today is that fans can now watch Boise State in person--the venue will have a cap at 900 people. The first game is tonight, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. and the second on Friday, February 19th.

Fans in the stands are going to need to wear face masks, be socially distanced, and pass a temperature and health screening before they can enter.

There will be designated seats, no concessions and the school shared that tickets will range from $30 to $40 each.

I should also note that this team is UNDFEATED at home this year and the crowd noise, even if it's not what it was last year, could certainly be appreciated!

Go Broncos!

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