Friday evenings game was nothing shy of a complete spanking on the blue turf. If you've been a Boise State fan for any number of years, you know that typically, the spankings aren't GIVEN TO but GIVEN BY Boise State. Unfortunately, this week, we saw a beat down and Boise State never really even competed.

Because of the crazy football season we've had so far, BYU, had a few things under their belt that Boise State did not. Prior to coming to Boise, BYU had played seven games. Boise State had only played two.  The Cougars had a traditional fall training camp in August--Boise State did not.  It was clear that BYU is a very, very, well oiled machine.

The Broncos who were ranked #21 in the country at kickoff found out last night that they are no longer ranked nationally. BYU jumped up one spot from #9 to #8. No other teams from the Mountain West are ranked.

See the complete rankings, HERE.


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