Sure, it has been a strange year. We've all been going through a lot-- a lot of change, a lot of mental exhaustion and to be frank, not a whole lot of hope. Something is "small" in the grand scheme as a football game on tv or a dinner with friends was suddenly discovered by so many to be important. We are human, we NEED social interaction, we suffer under isolation. We want that light at the end of the tunnel and now, it's here.

Announcements all across the board have been made that indicate things are looking up. From major music festivals and tours to sporting events and in-person learning at our schools. Things are looking up.

Football fans, players, boosters, and administrators alike over at Boise State University are experiencing the uptick in excitement, too. Of course we have known for some time that fall football would be back, but some supplementary announcements made things a little more exciting.

With the already built-in hype behind new team leadership (we're talking about head coach Andy Avalos), just yesterday the program announced that the stadium can be 100% full- encouraging Bronco Nation to file into the stands and sell out EVERY home game.

Today, SOME kickoff times were announced and two of them are pretty bigtime.

On September 25th, Boise State will be on the road at Utah State with an early, primetime kickoff at 10:00 a.m. and the game will be broadcast NATIONALLY on CBS.

On November 26th, Boise State will once again be on the road at San Diego State University with another 10:00 a.m. primetime kickoff on CBS.

The exposure from both of these games is pretty huge and having a game that doesn't kick off late into the night will also be a change for Bronco fans.

More kickoff times are to be announced soon.

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