Major changes are coming to Albertson's Stadium as Boise State has announced a new turf is going to be installed before the start of the 2019 season. The $600,000 project is set to begin this spring.

Am I trying to frighten you when I say major changes are coming? Well, admittedly yes. To answer the obvious: the field will remain blue. Removing that color from the stadium may just have stripped the core of the program away so no--there won't be any green grass (or turf) going into that stadium any time soon. Perhaps you get tired of how shiny and strange it looks on TV, I know I don't love it...but if you're hoping for a change: sorry, not happening.

Several opposing teams went public this year with complaints saying that the turf is painful to fall on as it's just worn out--this won't be the case going into 2019.

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