It's known around the world, it's a fan favorite, and I don't care who you are: it's real tough to watch a game on TV with this thing. It's our Boise State blue turf at Albertsons Stadium.  Beginning this week, the field is going to be replaced-- a project that should be done by the end of May.

The headline is a little shocking for any Boise State fan or local: the blue being...REPLACED!? Clearly, it's being replaced by another blue turf. The condition of this one is just a little too rough for play to continue on it. As of right now, it's estimated that this project is going to cost the university about $600,000! That's one expensive football field!

The blue turf has been in place since the reign of Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier-- and that's a LONG history. Boise State fans got to see the field turn blue all the way back in 1986.

A few years ago, the field got a little bigger as Boise State University's Athletic Department decided to tear out the track--which was causing players to slip when they would run out of the sidelines. That change will remain, but more are coming, as well. Another extension is going to take place, bringing the turf all the way to the edges of the stands. There will also be a more modern font used for the yard-line numbers and an updates Albertsons Stadium logo!

The field renovations will be done with plenty of time to spare before the 2019 football season!



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