It was the talk of Twitter and the internet in general last night: Boise State and their turnover throne.

Of course, it may not have had such a prominent presence in the world of college football social media had the team not shown up and won with authority in Alabama at Troy yesterday. You see programs all across the country practice traditions on the sidelines to keep the team motivated--but it's not often you see a silver, shiny throne on a sideline among sweaty athletes and 300-pound linemen.

Yes, it's pretty...isn't it? Imagine Boise State's equipment team unloading bags, bins, and cases of football equipment and then rolling this gem out.

By the way, this throne is not shameful--sitting in it is an honor. Cause a turnover on the field? You're sitting in the throne. It's a tradition that caught the eyes of many and that bronco fans should get used to seeing on the sidelines more often. Let's just hope that throne is ALWAYS occupied.


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