On October 28th, our Boise State Broncos will face Wyoming in what's sure to be a pretty solid college football game. Question is, will we even be able to focus on the game?

If you bring up football to literally anyone right now, the topic of Taylor Swift is bound to come up. Talking about the NFL game this weekend? Taylor Swift. College bowl contender conversation? Taylor Swift. Ted Lasso came up at lunch? Wrong football, but still, Taylor Swift.

Like it or not, Taylor Swift has crept her way into the zeitgeist of football in America. Some fans love it, other fans hate it. But, for the time being, Taylor Swift and football are totally dating.

For the fans in the "I hate this so, so much" category, they'd prefer not to see Miss Swift show up at the upcoming Boise State / Wyoming game, as it would just cause a distraction. At least, that's what we're guessing from the comments on social media.

So, is Taylor Swift banned from attending the October 28th Boise State v Wyoming game? No, of course she's not.

Could you imagine if she actually did show up? Oh my god, the media would have an absolute riot with that story. And you know Boise State jerseys would be flying off the rack.

Go Broncos!


If you're a little behind on why Taylor Swift is being talked about more during football games than the actual football game, allow us to help you play catch up:

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