It's football season across the nation and when it comes to college football, there are few places more "exciting" than Boise. Sure, the south has an unparalleled football culture and any place an SEC team will always be king--but the magic of Boise's blue turn will always reign as one of the greatest in the West.

Even if they aren't playing well.

In case you haven't heard...they aren't playing well.

With Boise State headed to New Mexico to take on the Aggies this week, there's an added layer of excitement for the progress of the sport and it has everything to do with the "men in the headsets"--not so much the game.

Upon being hired by Boise State University, head coach Andy Avalos became one of just five Latino head coaches in all of college football. We can recall a press conference early in his days as head coach when one reporter asked about a comment from a young, local boy--sharing that he was excited that a coach "looked like him". Visibly taken over by the power of that little boy's statement, Avalos shared that "this is why we do it"--to move the needle of diversity, progress, and growth for the next generation no matter their gender or ethnicity.

University of New Mexico's head coach, Danny Gonzales is also Latino, making this week's matchup unique in that 2 of just 5 Latino coaches will be facing off.

We can't wait to see what happens on the field this weekend.


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