Summer is winding down in the Treasure Valley and hurricane winds are causing the cool down to kick in earlier than expected. No, we aren't even joking--but that's a conversation for another time.

With the end of summer comes back to school and with back to school comes collegiate sports. Here in Boise, the most anticipated of any might just be football season. It may have something to do with that massive blue field that sits on Broadway Avenue?

Boise State football is almost back and while the season kicks off (pun intended) on the road against the University of Washington, fans are eagerly awaiting the home games which include a season-opener against fellow "cinderella", UCF on the blue!

What does one wear to a Boise State football game other than the obvious colors and several layers once it gets cold out? Just announced the past week--Boise State is asking its attendees to coordinate!




Most notably missing? The color patterns. In seasons' past, the football program has encouraged color coordinating by section--some games, displaying really awesome color schemes that are blue, white, and orange-- alternating! One year, the program even held a checkerboard theme. From the sky, these look amazing--but some fans say it just hasn't been working out.  






Back 'in the day' these were easy to coordinate--now, it seems they're keeping it simple.

Going to a game this fall? Print out this guide so you aren't "that guy"!!


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