Football season is winding down-- or is it? If you are rooting for a team that has done well this season, odds are you're experiencing the real peak of the fun: conference championships and bowl season. With just enough games left to be played to allow for some ranking shakeups before it is all said and done, football is in the air.

Here in Boise, it's fair to say that football is dominating local conversations. After a horrible start to the season, Boise State has recovered and has earned home field rights to the Mountain West Conference Championship.  Their savior? Dirk Koetter.

Don't forget: he has said he isn't going to do this for more than this season.

The Boise State's athletic department is undoubtedly looking for the next offensive coordinator and many think that the right fit is going to be the guy on Boise State's opposing sideline this weekend.

He's the Offensive Coordinator for Fresno State, he's been considered brilliant, he's brother's to a famous NFL coach...oh, and he played for Boise State.

Kirby Moore.

Kellen's brother is undoubtedly qualified for the position and everyone has seen his abilities during his time at Fresno State already.


Think of it this way--remember when everyone wanted Kellen Moore to be the next head coach at Boise State after Bryan Harsin left? You can't convince us that having his little brother on the staff wouldn't help convince him of a return soon enough.

Let's take a look at Kellen Moore, the "famous" brother of Kirby: 

Kellen Moore: Dominance Over The Years

Kellen Moore's 50 career victories as the starting quarterback at Boise State University remain the most by any QB in NCAA football history. Moore, who was touted as one of the most brilliant minds in college football has now taken those brains to the NFL where Dallas fans can't get enough of him.

Kellen Moore gets a lot of national attention...could this fellow Bronco be jealous of that?

This NFL Superstar With Idaho Ties May Be Jealous of Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore has a lot of hype around him-- but what's going on with his coaching future? It seems that his name pops up in every head coaching vacancy but he has yet to be hired away from Dallas-- where that fan base can't seem to decide if they want to love him or hate him.
While Kellen gets all of the love--what about this multi-time Pro Bowler with Idaho ties-- just like Moore?

The current offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter, is only a temporary "fix" for a Boise State program that was totally struggling offensively prior to his taking over. Here's a look at the local hero who helped save the season: 

Things to Know About Boise State's Dirk Koetter

Boise State has a new Offensive Coordinator and he's no stranger to Boise. Here are a few things that you should know before Dirk Koetter takes over the offense this week!

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