A big stage is set for Boise State this weekend as the 4-1 Broncos prepare to host the undefeated San Jose State Spartans.

It's been a while since Boise State really made a major television appearance--a full decade to be exact. When the Mountain West Conference made the switch in network coverage and Boise State was forced to follow, many were worried that without the ESPN exposure, Boise State would struggle to be noticed. Things are looking good for them, this week.  I think that ESPN is the undisputed sports king when it comes to televised games but this Saturday, ESPN won't be on the minds of Boise State fans.

One Boise State commentator had a great point. Five years ago when Boise State was a lot more dominant, it may not have been as surprising to see this kind of exposure on television. Now, it's a real pleasant surprise and on top of everything, it's against a San Jose State team that hasn't been relevant in years.

Ready to watch Boise State take on the Spartans this Saturday? Tune into FOX at 2:00 p.m. for the game and a win could mean big things (and a return to the Top 25) for Boise State!



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