What's in Boise? Well, only a group of Boise State students working on a tool for the department of defense in the hopes of creating something to protect our military. 


Five Boise State grad students are working on a tool for the military that can help them detect how many people are inside a building before they enter. If the technology is successful, it could help save lives and help the military better fight (and be prepared before walking into an unknown situation).

Boise State is one of only six universities around the country given this project by the Department of Defense.  Date of completion: End of spring semester (hopefully).

Once the project is complete, the funding will come through from the Pentagon - which could take years.

KTVB reports that the team recently got word that they will soon getting the finances to start the actual manufacturing of the device.

“In the end this is going to cost money to make," said team member Megan Lacy. "And so once we stop making things out of cardboard it’s going to be a little more expensive."

Boise State student Corey Hennen, says the project is about making a difference for soldiers in the theater of war.

"It means a ton," Hennen said. "We really are trying to save lives, reduce casualties in drone strikes, raids, all the above. I lost a personal family friend, a detective, in a raid, and yeah, those things hit home. Being able to help people, that’s what we're doing."




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