Officials are on high alert and the threat is being taken extremely serious. Its nature is quite disturbing.

A student at Lake City High School in Coeur d'Alene received a threat via an anonymous social media app, telling her she would be shot if she did not respond to the unknown messenger with nude photos. According to police, it's not yet known what app was used:

The suspect deliberately chose social media apps that would hide his/her identity.

New apps such as Sararah have popped up recently, in which you can anonymously message someone whatever you like, and there's no way for them to identify who sent the message. The idea behind it is to send a love note to your crush, but since its launch it seems the app is more so being used for cyberbullying. This case is taking it to the extreme.

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Google Maps

Police in Coeur d'Alene say additional forces will be on site at Lake City High School, as well as other area high schools as the investigaton continues.


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