In order to encourage all of us to park in garages for longer periods of time, the prices on the parking meters will increase starting June 1st. Here's the breakdown.

Boise will be broken up into zones and each zone will have specific pricing. On meters in those zones, prices will be posted.

  • Zone 1 (orange): Downtown core. Max time is 2 hours. This is the area between 6th, 10th, Bannock and Grove streets as well as the six blocks between Capitol Blvd and Grove, Myrtle and 9th streets.
    • First Hour: $1.50
    • Second Hour: $2.50
  • Zone 2 (purple): The block surrounding the downtown core. Max time is two hours.
    • First Hour: $1.00
    • Second Hour: $1.25
  • Zone 3 (light green): The rest of downtown's metered parking. Max time is four hours. The zone extends as far west as 15th Street and as far east as 2nd Street.
    • First and Second Hours: $0.50
    • Third and Fourth Hours: $1.00

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