As the weekend winds down, I'm happy to say I had a pretty great one. Some downtime mixed with a night out hosting Fatty's Bar with 103.5 KISS FM made for a good time. The highlight though, was catching up with an old friend over some tapas at a restaurant/wine bar that I admittedly had no idea existed.

I spent 2 and a half hours on Saturday over some tea, some wine, and the best ham sandwich I've ever eaten on Saturday afternoon over off of Idaho and 14th Street. Txikiteo, a locally owned and operated tapas bar and restaurant in the linen district offers one of the simpelist menu's I've seen--yet some of the best food I've had. I ordered the Jamon (ham) sandwich and it was unbelievable. With ingredients imported from Spain, the food here is unlike most. I should mentioned, too, that the wine selection is one of the most unique in town, too.  It's not often I rave about a place--but Txikiteo blew me away and would make for a perfect date night, girls night, or in my case--an awesome lunch spot. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, though.

You can check them out, view their menu, and learn more about them HERE.

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