To some it seemed that the long standing Boise Crescent "No Lawyers" Bar and Grill located at 5500 W. Franklin St closed forever. Even now when you google it you see a big "Permanently Closed"

Crescent bar closed, google
Crescent bar closed, google

Luckily google is just a bit behind. You see the bar which was owned by Butch and Jody for over 50 years was closed for awhile and really seemed like it was gone forever.

It was sold to new owners and underwent a pretty grand remodel. It has reopened - unlike google says but with some changes and a slightly new name. According to an article from back in March from BoiseDev, "The iconic Boise Bench bar on Franklin Road has been sold to Spokane Realtor Jordan Tampien who plans to split the sports bar into two restaurants and add 48 residential units onto the lot by the end of the summer. Tampien said one-half of the restaurant will become a “higher end brunch spot” and the other half will be a cozy, family-friendly gastropub."

Well the place has been revamped and reopened and so far locals, even ones who loved it before and were sad to see the original place changed, are loving it. There is a slightly new name, new look, new feel and new menu. The outside however still looks exactly the same, they have yet to update the signage so unless you know it reopened, you would probably drive right by it.

Check out some recent reviews of the now called Crescent Public House.

Crescent public house google reviews
Crescent public house google reviews

Check out this transformation, here is what it used to look like inside....

And here is what it looks like now, well at least part of it, this is the new banquet area.

Butch and Jody got a pretty penny for the spot and are happily taking it easy now. According to the Idaho Statesman, "The bright, modern interior feels completely different from the Crescent Bar, which closed in March after 18 years (56 years if you include its prior location).  The building’s 8,600 square feet have been divided into two food-and-drink establishments. A still-unnamed, under-construction breakfast spot is slated to open in 2022."

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