As if the horrifying news of the Boise Mall Shooting couldn’t get any worse, officials made a shocking announcement

Mall security officer Jo Acker and shopper Roberto Padilla Arguellas were killed when a man, Jacob Bergquist, at the Boise Towne Square mall opened fire inside. He later died after a shootout with the police. 5 others were injured.

This senseless act and lives lost has been extremely worrisome for our otherwise safe City of Boise. But the shock of the most recent shooting news is the new after shock that’s hitting us all.

Here's the newest news that is so shocking and inhumane it will shake you to your core.

Boise woman charged for stealing from dead body of boise mall shooting

Boise woman charged after stealing items from dead body of Boise mall shooting victim, Jo Acker4

Boise woman charged for stealing from Jo Acker (Boise Mall Victim) lifeless body

Boise woman charged for stealing from Jo Acker (Boise Mall Victim) lifeless body

If you would like to help raise money for her funeral and care for her young daughter, you can do so through this GoFundMe account.

Boise Reacts to Mall Shooting

An unheard of incident for Boise, Idaho took place at the Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 25th.

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