Cue the slow, romantic music. Light the fire and pour a nice glass of wine. It's time for the most romantic thing(s) you'll read all week. Try not to get too turned on by the extremely sensual entries I'm about to share with you below.

Each week, I do my best to scour the internet and find the very best of Boise's "missed connections". If you're unfamiliar, these are posts from people who saw someone that caught their interest but didn't approach and introduce themselves. Consider these posts of regret?

Check out the top three for our fair city this week, below!

I saw you smoking a cig with your interesting looking dog at the park, I walked by smiled and we said hi. I was building up the courage to come talk to you after I got done playing frisbee with my buddies. Walking back to my car you were in your vehicle in tears, not the best time to come and have a conversation with someone, I waited for a while to make sure you were ok and you ended leaving. I hope you are ok and if you see this I'd love to take you out for a drink or a walk with your dog. Tell me what color shorts I had on or your vehicle color so I know it's you.

I met you at Goodwill around Halloween and talked with you for a while. We talked and joked and I am super attracted to you. I was sitting on one of the couches while we were talking. I talked to some people who said you never came back after the Coronavirus hit. I know this is a long shot. If you think this is you then please put "Goodwill" in the comments section.


I Was on the stair-stepper closest to the bathroom and you asked if I wouldn’t mind if you used the one right beside me. It was 8//13 Thursday night about 9:30 PM. I Forgot to ask your name. I just want to tell you that you look really pretty. Maybe if you see each other again we can introduce ourselves. Or respond to this and tell me what I was wearing .



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