Dating has always been tough to begin with. 

Finding and meeting someone whose demons play well with your own is a daunting task to begin with, but especially with a global pandemic and the evolution of online dating, now it seems almost downright impossible.



“I don’t [date]. Also, men suck and I don't have time.” - Haley B.


So, with Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner, we were concerned about how all of our single friends are doing. 


How are they navigating the dating world? 

Well, as we feared, our single friends are not doing well… in fact, they’re straight up not having a good time


“It’s a sh*t hole dating right now.” - Summer W.


The general consensus that we gathered is that most of these people want to meet someone special, but it’s hard to know where to look. Also, it’s hard to find people who actually want to date, versus casually hooking up. 


Where do they turn, to meet other local singles?

There are many outlets available in finding other like-minded singles, so we were curious where Boise locals turn to the most frequently. Listed below is what we found.

How Do Local Boise Singles Date In This Day and Age? Spoiler Alert: It's Not Great.

With Valentine's Day lurking around the corner, we were curious: where do Boise singles look to meet one another?

Boise TikTok Viewed Over 1Million Times

You're downtown Boise with your friends on a weekend night--what do you have planed? You'll spend some time on 6th & Main, get some "prizes" from Rocci Johnson, and probably end up making a visit to downtown Boise's home of the iconic LED "pole" that is always the center of attention at Club Karma. Located on 8th & Idaho, Karma is known for its good vibes, fish bowls, energetic dance floor, and...the LED "pole". It didn't take long for this pole to make the rounds on the internet and now we can see why--with over 1 million views, one user really gained this famous pole some fame.

Boise's Top 10 Most Visited Restaurants

According to Lyft's City Guides, these are the most visited restaurants in Boise based on the number of the requests they get for rides to these locations.


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