With a long weekend for most, I found that people were REALLY out and about. From Humpin' Hannah's on Wednesday night (what a crazy night) to the end of Fatty's on Saturday night, people were out and ready to party...all week long.

When weeks like these come about, Boise's "small-town vibe" really kicks in. I was seeing people that I met on Wednesday all over, all weekend long. That seems to be how it goes in our city. This said, so many events and so many outings means that odds are you may have noticed a person or two that caught your eye. As I do each week, I've pulled some of the best missed connections to share with you and by the way-- one person is REALLY looking for the short haired blonde from Boise Music Festival, still.

We were browsing and apparently so were you. You were dressed as thorough you might have been at the gym in the neighborhood. All ended up at checkout about the same time. You purchased a kitchen cabinet accessory.
Compared notes after we left and both realized you might have welcomed an invitation for a drink or swim in the pool for which I was purchasing deck items. Long shot but if you see this and we missed a chance to better connect drop me a line.

We kept looking at each other when you walked around the gym today. Then gave each other a good long stare when you came over to the weight machine area. You were an older woman in purpleish/lavender top. You are in great shape and definitely know what you're doing in the gym

I was standing next to you as we were watching Pitbull. We talked for a bit then we have some dancing. You were with your friend and I was alone and then you start the conversation " you are nice.... ".

The time run fast before I told you my name or know your name. You left before I could ask you if you'd like to grab a drink sometime if you were free, I'd love to get to know you. You tell me see you later when you left. I hope you read this. Tell me your your short and top color !!!!

I liked the way you were handling all that meat the other day.. mmm. (SMH)

I saw you looking at me and pleading with your eyes to put you in my cart and save you. (It wasn't the first time either)

Somebody tell me his name, really somebody tell me cuz I have no idea.

You're cute AF.

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