How else do you title a blog about one of Boise’s most well-known Ice Cream Men? If you heard the name, Scary Larry you might think – RUN! That’s the exact opposite. Scary Larry Pickler was a local hero to kids across Boise.

One of my fill in co-hosts (Joleen) was shocked this morning when she recently found out that her ice cream man passed earlier this week. Everyone remembers the ice cream songs, truck, but doubts anyone ever remembers the man. That's not the case with Larry.

Boise has definitely taken a loss with a man who was just great and loved his kids. Idahoan Joleen Allen reflects,

“When I first heard the name Scary Larry I didn’t know what to expect until I met him for the first time. This man was the furthest from scary. His generosity and sweet nature are what made him every kid's favorite ice cream man. The world could use more kind people like this.”

Joleen also said that it didn’t matter whether you had enough money. Everyone got ice cream. Scary Larry never turned a kid away and this was obviously NOT about money. Larry was more like Caring Larry.

This is an even more interesting part of this story. Scary Larry’s family is selling his old ice cream truck for $2000 dollars in hoping to keep his legacy alive. I’ll list a link below and keep me posted if you decide to take on this amazing challenge. I think it would be a great local opportunity to turn this into something for the kids and families. We'll see how long it lasts.

$2000 dollars for an old beat up ice cream truck probably isn’t worth it right? If you say that then you might not be the person. That ice cream truck means something and I think that’s why his family wants to find the right owner. It’s not about money and it never was to the not so Scary Larry. You will be missed, sir.

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