Ever since I was a kid, ONE artist always stood out to me. I couldn't tell you why, to be honest, but among my wide spanned musical preferences, Jay-Z has always been my favorite. I love his style, I love what he stands for, I love his music, and for as long as I can remember I've wanted to see Jay Z live in concert.  I've always said, if I could be front row at a Jay-Z concert with the stipulation that I could see no more concerts, I would probably accept.

Well, I won't be front row, but I WILL have some great seats to see Mr. Shawn Carter in a couple of weeks. For that, I can hardly wait.

While the 4:44 Tour won't be passing through Boise, several other big shows this year have. From Twenty One Pilots to Flo-Rida at Boise Music Festival, we've been blessed with shows this year.

Now, for as long as I can remember loving Jay-Z, I can also recall reading the kind of Boise entertainment, Michael Deeds' articles.  If it's going on (or in this case, even if it isn't) Michael Deeds is on it. Recently, he posted up a poll seeking Boise feedback...what concerts are most desired here in the Treasure Valley?

Can you guess the top result? Deeds notes that may people didn't vote but rather, commented on social media. Those didn't count.

That said, the most wanted concert in Boise? U2.  I'd be all about going to that show, too.

For the complete article and list of results, click HERE.

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