There’s not much else in the entire world that we love more than attending concerts.

And we’re not just saying that because we work for a radio station – from the very first show we ever attended to the most recent, there’s something almost magical about concerts.



You’re surrounded by people you love and strangers alike, and you’re all there for the same purpose: 

To enjoy music that makes you feel alive.

It’s one of the beautiful wonders of the human experience, and it brings such a feeling of euphoria that’s unlike anything else.


Now, one of the reasons why we love living in the Boise area so much, is there’s no shortage of concerts.

Shows from just about every type of music genre come to our Treasure Valley – there’s something for everyone. 

However, there are some artists that have either never come to Idaho, or they haven’t come in many years, and we would like for that to change… 

And sooner rather than later.


So listed below are 15 music artists we would love to see in the Boise area each of them with their own unique style.

And maybe if we manifest this into the universe, it just might come to fruition?

You heard it here first.

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