It was a perfect storm that called for the unheard of: an IRS tax filing extension for everyone.

If you were procrastinating your taxes and waited until today to get those filed and're in luck.  Today, thousands found out at the same time that the portions of the IRS website that are needed to make payments had crashed. People took to faucets of social media with screenshots showing that those services (for both payments and payment plans) were down.

As I saw these going up this morning, I was thankful I had taken care of my taxes early on in the year. Even legislators began speaking up, saying that they hoped to see an extension announced so there would be no penalty for those trying to take care of the dreaded tax payments.

Well, it seems those who couldn't pay got their wish. It was announced by the IRS on twitter that you now have until tomorrow at midnight to pay your taxes. See the tweet below.

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