I don't know everything about politics, but from what I can tell, we are a ways away from this partial-government shutdown from ending. Of course, if you've been around any sort of media coverage you know Donald Trump is holding out for a border wall and he's expecting congress to jump on board with that--or else.

Well, with the government shut down thousands are without pay at work right now and many speculated that this would effect ALL of us in the form of tax refunds. I know, taxes are the worst...but a refund isn't so bad. Many feared if the government is still facing a shutdown by tax time, refunds won't be happening because the IRS is operating at a fraction of their force right now.

Well, according to the White House, tax refunds WILL indeed be going out and officials are preparing for that process just in case the government isn't back to full function by tax time. You can read more about the statements concerning this, HERE.

And speaking of that shutdown, Donald Trump is set to speak on what many expect to be just that, tonight. See more on that, HERE.

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