Several fire agencies are responding to a large fire on top of Table Rock tonight.  Tammy Barry, Communications Coordinator for Boise Fire Department said she is still compiling information on areas effected and being evacuated as of 1:40am Thursday morning.  We will continue to keep you updated.  The cross atop Table Rock is the prominent white light in the photo taken above towards left.

All updates are coming directly from Tammy Barry of Boise Fire Department, @BoiseFire on Twitter and KTVB news.

Update 12:18 p.m.: In a conversation with the BLM's Brandon Hampton, KTVB reveals that the people responsible for setting off the fireworks at Table Rock last night will face fines, cost of the fire suppression and possible criminal charges if caught.

Update 11:41 a.m.: Boise Fire Chief Doan tells KTVB's Alex Livingston that some areas near the Table Rock Fire are currently without power.  Those areas are Harris Ranch and the Marianne Williams Park Condos near Lucky 13.

Update 11:22 a.m.: The BLM tells KTVB's Doug Petcash Table Rock Fire is expected to be contained by 8 PM.

Update 11:02 a.m.: Fire officials now say that the fire is 60% contained and burned close to 2500 acres.  150 firefighters from multiple agencies have worked on the fire.  Helicopters involved in the air efforts have been taking water from a retention pond in Harris Ranch as not to interfere with floaters.

Update 9:45 a.m.: Boise Parks and Rec says all trails in the Table Rock Fire area are closed today.

Update 9:37 a.m.: The person responsible for the Table Rock Fire will face fine, suppression costs and prosecution. Boise Fire: "PLEASE exercise caution this weekend when using fireworks."

Update 9:02 a.m.: Boise Fire has confirmed the fire was started by fireworks.

Update 8:23 a.m.: 1,470 acres have burned and are still burning. Air support will be taking water from the Boise River and dousing the flames. This could impact floaters today so be aware of that. Please keep your drones out of the area as they will distract air support and could prohibit efficient extinguishing of those flames. Warm Springs is still closed but if you are a resident, have your I.D. (with proof of residence) to show to the police at one of two checkpoints - Starview Dr. and the golf course.

Update 5:49 a.m.: Nearly 1,000 acres have burned. There have been two confirmed structures burned in the fire - 1 home and one still unknown whether or not it is a home. Tammy Barry is asking the public to stay clear of the area. As soon as it gets light out, helicopters will go up to see if air support is needed. Riverside Elementary is open if anyone needs a place to go. Red Cross is also present at the school. There have been no reported injuries of firefighters or emergency crew members.

Update 4:14 a.m.: No cause of fire has been found or even discussed yet.  Two reports of fireworks have been made, however Fire officials have not said fireworks are to blame.

Update 3:41 a.m.: The fire has taken on the name of the "Table Rock Fire". Reports of 4 structures have become available. An air "attack" is not available until sunrise, however BLM has said once the helicopters are available to fly, they will be assisting in the fire fight.

Update 3:05 a.m.: A structure on East Windsong Driver has been destroyed. Michelle Heart has confirmed seeing another structure on fire as well. Brandon Hampton, Information Officer from BLM has asked everyone to please avoid the area as vehicles headed toward Table Rock to watch the fire are congesting streets that people need to evacuate from. The fire has grown to nearly 700 acres as this time.

Update 2:40 a.m.: Roads are closed at Barber Valley and Park Center, Park Center Bridge *emergency personnel only*. There are also closures near Fire Station 15. There are no threats to Harris Ranch at this time.

Update 2:15 a.m.: Evacuations remain optional. Some residents are choosing to evacuate. The fire is roughly 500 acres and all available units from BLM. Eagle, Meridian and Star. Most importantly, no injuries have been reported.

Update 1:51 a.m.: No mandatory evacuations have yet been reported. Residents are being warned by police. Fire appears to be approaching from the East.








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