I'm back The West Nile Virus is back and those nasty little mosquitoes have been found in the Gem County.

The mosquitoes have been trapped outside the Gem County Mosquito Abatement District according to the CBS News Staff. We're in the season and as temperatures rise so will those blood-sucking criminals. We'll be seeing well above 80 degrees and that's when those guys are the most dangerous.

The news says to avoid being bitten. How do you do that? Is anyone really walking around looking for mosquitoes? I feel like half the time you don't even know till it's too late. Should I get one of those bracelet repellants? Do they even work?

What's this really mean for us? I'm not a specialist but it goes without saying to be cautious. I'm sure we'll hear more as we move through Summer and more testing results is available. They plan to kill off these mosquitoes by fogging in the night hours. I remember growing up in Houston where this was a nightly deal. There is nothing like one of those huge mosquito trucks rolling through your neighborhood - terrible!

How to protect yourself from Mosquitoes

  • Wear long sleeves and no shorts!
  • Use repellant
  • Close the door!! (to my son)
  • Use screen doors to limit inside penetration
  • Don't go out late when they thrive or early when the sun is coming up


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